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Pre-stained wood fence in Cedar Valley

Cedar Valley, Iowa Pre-Staining Benefits

We proudly offer pre-stained Western Red Cedar wood fences, a premium product that will withstand the harsh weather conditions in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Pre-stained wood fences are superior to their unfinished wood fence counterparts in nearly every way; they require less maintenance over time, have a more finished appearance, and are already prepared to resist weathering, rotting, and cracking. Staining your new wood fence after you've had it installed will also help to protect it from the elements as well, BUT, it is impossible to stain all of the sides of the fence materials after installation. In most cases, you cannot evenly apply stain between the boards or pickets, under the rails, or on all surfaces of the post.

Pre-stained fence materials are stained by professionals to ensure even coverage on all sides of your posts, boards, and rails in a controlled setting. These experts apply the stain when the Western Red Cedar materials are at an ideal moisture level and allow the stain to perfectly dry before installation.

The Pre-Staining Difference

Discover why selecting a pre-stained fence is highly recommended in Cedar Falls, Iowa!

Staining wood fence  after installation in Cedar Valley

Staining After

When you attempt to stain your unfinished fence after installation, you must wait for the perfect weather conditions to avoid rain ruining your newly applied stain. If the stain is applied when the moisture content of the wood is too high, the stain will not absorb into the fence as well and may leave a streaky exterior.

Staining after installation can be messy, resulting in wood stain getting all over your lawn or plants. If you attempt to stain your wood fence with a sprayer, you may end up making a larger mess if a gust of wind blows through your yard.

It is nearly impossible to ensure that all sides of your wood fence are evenly stained after installation, including the spaces between the boards or behind railings. Inadequately stained wood fences are susceptible to damage.

Staining wood fence before installation in Cedar Valley

Pre-Staining Before Installation

Pre-stained Western Red Cedar wood fences come with a professionally applied, high-quality stain that has been allowed to fully dry under ideal conditions before installation. Your new wood fence is immediately protected from weathering in the elements due to its pre-stain and the professionally applied stain creates a clean, even finish.

Pre-stained wood fences ensure you do not have to attempt a DIY staining project, keeping your yard and plants mess-free. When you select a pre-stained wood fence, all sides of the boards, posts, and rails are fully protected for years before a new application is necessary. At TEAM Fences, we always recommend pre-stained Western Red Cedar wood fences to our customers in the Cedar Valley area.

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